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23 June 1976
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I'm a girl. I'm really liking Live Journal.
As of Spring 2008 I am working as a pet sitter and dog walker, w00t! :o)

I work in a call center doing tech support for a cable internet provider who shall remain nameless for the sake of my own safety. Lol, don't want anyone sending me mailbombs or other cute little packages like that.

I'm originally from middle Georgia but I moved up to Niagara Falls to be with a Canadian that I met online and had been dating looooong distance for a year. Yes, I had already met him in person a few times before I moved. A little more than a year after I gave up everything for him, he decided to let me know he was no longer in love with me. Right after I had renewed the lease on my apartment for another year. Great....

So, here I still am. Got through all that and surprised myself by doing so. Bought a new car and got a new job that pays well but that Really Sucks. I think I'll stick around up here for a while and maybe work on going back to school. In Macon, where I used to live in Georgia, there is a community college that actually offers 4-year degrees in a few different specialties in Information Technology. I.T. being the degree I need to get if I want to go any further in the field I'm now in. Of course, I'd rather be acting, but we all know there's no money in The Arts....

lil update
actually, just some links to throw in....

Star Wars: Second Strike, cause i'm in it, as Kristara. go check it out!
my pictures
my moblog

ok, this one is an update...
i'm sure it'll be chronicled in the journal itself, but i've moved from Tonawanda, NY (just outside of Buffalo) to Canton, GA (just outside of Atlanta). i like being back home in GA, but i've actually been homesick for Buffalo, which is messing with my head. a lot. and whenever i start to refer to my former home in NY in conversation, i always catch myself wanting to say, "back home". yeah, "confused" is putting it mildly....

oh, and i found a nice boy, and i like him lots & lots, and he likes me lots & lots too, so i'm really happy in that area, finally :o)

yay, my boy likes me again! ;o) heh, actually he never stopped, he just didn't let me know that... sillie boys... ;o)

oh, and i'm working for *yet another* call center, doing *still more* internet tech support...

more life changes
my father died, of lung cancer. i lost my job. i lost my job because i took time off from work to be with my dying father. nice. so far i'm getting unemployment, we'll see how long that lasts. have to find either a new job or a school to go to, and i HAVE to find a new place to live in the metro Atlanta area. any help on either of those would be fab.

both my first name and my nickname mean "love". one means "beloved", and the other means "worthy of love", from French & Latin. neat!

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

new update
back in school now, for IT. would like to also finish my theatre degree after i get my BS in IT. one thing at a time, though. i'm still in love. he's not. on hiatus, i guess, again. no idea what the outcome will be, this time. that scares me. but not as much as it scared me last time. i guess that's a good thing, and/or progress. don't really know what else to say about that part, except that next time i see him, if there's a next time, i'll probably poop myself from nervousness. i'll have to let ya know. looking for a new place to live. desperately want a place of my own, just for me. terrified that i can't afford to live somewhere safe by myself, and i don't have a big dog or a gun, so i don't think the ghetto is the place for me. been there, done that, don't wanna do it ever again, specially without the two housemates i had at the time and the two huge dogs that lived with us...

more new update
have moved to Marietta where i rent a house with friends Matt & Brandin. getting closer to being able to finally let go of someone, and so far it seems to be the healthier choice...

more updatery
still in Marietta, Brandin split and owes me a large sum of money. for that matter, so does Matt. some day i will learn to keep my money to myself, hopefully. boldar and i started seeing each other shortly after his birthday in April 2007. he has since moved in with me. he is made of win, and i am a very happy girl, or at least very content when my brain is playing the sad card, haha. i've started a "garage sale" community journal - amysgaragesale, along with an Etsy store - Hello Pretties. and a "garage sale" Blogger as well but i can't remember the URL at the moment, lol.

have joined some survey-ish sites to make extra $$ on the side, although i'm also now an independent contractor for two different pet sitting companies in the Atlanta metro area (as of Feb-March 2008). i'll be listing some links to some of the survey sites here:


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